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2020-2021 Teams

2020-2021 Team Placements

We are very excited for our season. We have so much talent  this season  and all of our athletes have already shown such a positive work ethic during this training time.

Please keep in mind when placing our athletes, our goal is set up each team for the best success for the season and also your athlete. Please watch all team announcements, as we have added crossovers and alternates for this season. If you do not see your number, please email immediately, all athletes were placed on a team.

Let’s get the season started!

Contact Email:

Youth 1 Crystals

Junior 1 Magic

Junior 2 Illusion

Junior 3 Showstoppers

Senior 4 Coed Majesty

Senior 4 Open Wicked coming soon!

REGISTRATION INFORMATION - Most members have already completed this when groups were formed.

REGISTER ONLINE on PARENT PORTAL -  Parent Portal allows you to register, accept online waiver, make payment, set up for auto pay credit or debit card, and view your account history. ALL TEAM FAMILIES ARE REQUIRED TO CREATE an ACCOUNT REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT OPTION ON CUSTOMER PORTAL. If your registered for tryouts or are a returning family you already have an account.  PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW  INSTRUCTIONS to ADD STUDENT after entering FAMILY information. If you already have an account you do not need to create another. Please review or add credit card payment information. Once your student information has been added we will assign their team and add June fees. Your credit card will be processed. 

Please note if you are a returning athlete or registered for tryouts on the parent portal, you already have an account. Acceptance of team position includes adding payment information to parent portal. Your June payment will be processed. Or making your May payment at the gym and submitting an auto checking account payment form. As a reminder one of these methods of payment is required. Contact us for other arrangements. Otherwise there is an additional $15 monthly administration fee.

  1. Log In to your parent portal account. Create a Family account if you have not done so. Click HERE for Parent Portal
  2. Choose Required Monthly Payment Method Form: Credit/Debit Card complete information on parent portal or Auto Checking - ACH For ACH please complete and submit at registration. One of these payment methods is required. A $15 month fee will be charged if autopay is not set-up.
  3. Complete online credit/debit card form on PARENT PORTAL. Step 1 Go to Manage Payment Options to add credit/debit card information.
  4. If you choose Auto Checking payment, please print and complete form. Submit form to front desk at gym.

Additional Registration Information and Forms - Submit to Front Desk

  1. If you choose Auto Checking payment complete and give to front desk this form Auto Checking - ACH
  2. First payment if choosing ACH.
  3. Completed and signed registration/waiver form 
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate
  5. Review Monthly Payment Sheet available at the gym.

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